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Welcome to State of the Heart!

Knowing when to call hospice is important. Choosing the right hospice is also important, because we all want what’s best for our loved ones. Knowing when to call hospice and then choosing the right hospice can be overwhelming and confusing. Our website is designed to help you through this difficult time. It will help you understand what hospice care is and how State of the Heart can help to meet your specific needs.
At State of the Heart Hospice we have been providing exceptional and individualized care for individuals and their families since 1981. For over 33 years we have been meeting the unique needs of those challenged with a life-limiting illness with our experienced team of skillful caregivers. Our team focuses on comfort care. We work to assure your pain and other symptoms are managed well, and you and your family have the support you need.

CampBearable Children grieve differently than adults and have special needs to work through their grief and loss. We at State of the Heart provide an imp
DSCN0373 State of the Heart Hospice is a nonprofit, local agency serving families since 1981. State of the Heart provides support that goes beyond th
CARE-CENTER What is Inpatient Care? There may be times when a hospice patient cannot continue to receive care at home. State of the Heart Hospice cre